Stop Allowing Untruths From Shaping Your Beliefs and Actions

2 Different Things PERSPECTIVE

Understanding the difference…WHY?

  • Some ideas/concepts in life seem very similar To each other:
    • Being busy/getting things done – These seem like similar ideas, but in reality, there’s a subtle difference between what each one means and represents
  • Clearly seeing and understanding the differences between similar ideas is important because it can shape your beliefs and perceptions about life
  • You could believe something is true and/or good when in reality, it’s not that way at all, and a false understanding can slow down getting great results in life

These are 2 different things:

  • Consequences: The result of something you choose to do Circumstances: The result of something out of your control This means: There are decisions in your life that you choose to make that end up being bad decisions (consequences) – instead of blaming something else (saying you’re a victim of circumstance), own those bad choices, and take responsibility for them because this is how you convince yourself that YOU are in control of your life!
  • Being busy: Doing a lot of stuff and spending a lot of time doing it Getting things done: Doing a lot of stuff that accomplishes specific goals and outcomes This means: Just because you may feel overwhelmed with work doesn’t mean you’re busy doing things of real substance and value – track your results, which is a TRUE gauge of your activity
  • Really hard: It’s possible, but it’s going to require some major discomfort (physical, emotional, mental) to do it Impossible: It’s simply not possible – no matter what! This means: Many good things in life require you to experience major discomfort before you can have/achieve them, so you don’t want to confuse strong discomfort with futility or it can drain your motivation and blind you to solutions – if others have done it, so can you!
  • Being rude: You say something truthful, but your intention is to passively express your own anger frustration, or other negative emotions in order to make a point or hurt someone’s feelings Being honest: You say something truthful, but your intention is to benefit the other person using kindness/care This means: Before offering your opinion about something, you choose your words carefully so you offer your thoughts in a way to gets the other person to think, not get defensive or upset
  • Knowing: I have learned how to do some amazing things in life and I thrive on learning more – knowledge is power! Doing: I am applying what I know, and instead of Just feeling excited about what I’m learning. I’m taking action and getting results This means: While knowing is important, knowledge without action is worthless – focus on applying what you learn (using it) more than hopping from one learning experience to the next

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