Stop Allowing Untruths From Shaping Your Beliefs and Actions

Have you ever heard something that seemed too good to be true, yet still felt compelled to believe it? Have you ever followed the advice of an untruth without questioning its accuracy? If so, you are not alone.

In our modern age of information overload, it can be difficult to differentiate between what is real and what is not. Fortunately, there are ways we can protect ourselves from the dangers of believing everything we hear.

Stop Allowing Untruths From Shaping Your Beliefs and Actions

2 Different Things PERSPECTIVE

Understanding the difference…WHY?

  • Some ideas/concepts in life seem very similar To each other:
    • Being busy/getting things done – These seem like similar ideas, but in reality, there’s a subtle difference between what each one means and represents
  • Clearly seeing and understanding the differences between similar ideas is important because it can shape your beliefs and perceptions about life
  • You could believe something is true and/or good when in reality, it’s not that way at all, and a false understanding can slow down getting great results in life

These are 2 different things:

  • Consequences: The result of something you choose to do Circumstances: The result of something out of your control This means: There are decisions in your life that you choose to make that end up being bad decisions (consequences) – instead of blaming something else (saying you’re a victim of circumstance), own those bad choices, and take responsibility for them because this is how you convince yourself that YOU are in control of your life!
  • Being busy: Doing a lot of stuff and spending a lot of time doing it Getting things done: Doing a lot of stuff that accomplishes specific goals and outcomes This means: Just because you may feel overwhelmed with work doesn’t mean you’re busy doing things of real substance and value – track your results, which is a TRUE gauge of your activity
  • Really hard: It’s possible, but it’s going to require some major discomfort (physical, emotional, mental) to do it Impossible: It’s simply not possible – no matter what! This means: Many good things in life require you to experience major discomfort before you can have/achieve them, so you don’t want to confuse strong discomfort with futility or it can drain your motivation and blind you to solutions – if others have done it, so can you!
  • Being rude: You say something truthful, but your intention is to passively express your own anger frustration, or other negative emotions in order to make a point or hurt someone’s feelings Being honest: You say something truthful, but your intention is to benefit the other person using kindness/care This means: Before offering your opinion about something, you choose your words carefully so you offer your thoughts in a way to gets the other person to think, not get defensive or upset
  • Knowing: I have learned how to do some amazing things in life and I thrive on learning more – knowledge is power! Doing: I am applying what I know, and instead of just feeling excited about what I’m learning. I’m taking action and getting results This means: While knowing is important, knowledge without action is worthless – focus on applying what you learn (using it) more than hopping from one learning experience to the next

In conclusion, it is clear that allowing untruths to shape our beliefs and actions can be extremely damaging. We should take the time to do our own research, think critically about what we are reading or hearing, and ask questions when necessary.

It is important that we not allow ourselves to be influenced by false information and instead seek out reliable sources from which to form our views. With this in mind, let us strive to make more informed decisions by relying on facts rather than fiction.

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