Get What You Want Faster And More Easily by Focusing on it

Get What You Want Faster And More Easily by Focusing on it

State/Focus on what you Want

Get What You Want – Where some people put their focus

  • People often focus/state what the don’t want – ever have conversations like this:
    • What do you want to eat? I don’t want pizza, I don t want Chinese. I don’t want burgers
    • Where do you want to go on vacation? I don’t want to vacation to the mountains, or Disney World, or where we went last year
    • What do you want from this? I don’t want to have that problem, that problem, or that problem
    • How could we improve this project? I don’t think that that, or that is a good idea
  • Are any of these really helpful? NO!

What do YOU focus on?

  • If you regularly use statements like, ‘I don’t want/think [fill in the blank]’, you may have a focus problem
  • When you consistently put a lot of attention and focus on what you don’t want in various situations in life:
    • You dull your own ability to see solutions and goals
    • You frustrate others by denying them clear input when it comes to making group choices and decisions

Get What You Want to the ‘treasure’ faster!

  • Achieving outcomes and finding solutions is like digging and finding a treasure – there are two basic ways of doing it:
    • The Direct Mindset: Focusing on what you want is a mindset where the basis of finding solutions comes from pointing directly at them – it’s very efficient
    • The Elimination Mindset: Focusing on what you
      don’t want is a mindset that attempts to find solutions through the process of elimination – which is often a huge waste of time, energy, and resources for everyone involved

Change your focus…

  • When solving challenges/problems – Focus on the solutions you want, NOT the problems you need to avoid
  • When asked for your input – Clearly state the one choice you believe is the best, NOT all the choices that don’t appeal to you
  • When asked what you want to do – Clearly state exactly what you want to do, NOT everything you don’t want to do

How to use this:

  • Train your brain to seek and locate answers/solutions • Focus on pointing to, and highlighting solutions:
    • This is the idea I think will work
    • What will improve this?
    • Here’s the solution I like 
  • Focus on stating the choices you want:
    • I want to eat there
    • I want to vacation there
    • I want to buy that car

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