Stop Collecting Distractions


Distractions are poison to getting things done

  • They slowly and subtly rob your life of the time, energy, and resources needed to do an be your very best

You know that distractions must go!

  • It’s obvious, and you know it

Could you be your own worst enemy?

  • It might seem a bit absurd to think that you could be intentionally collecting distractions that poison your productivity – but it’s possible!

Do you intentionally collect distractions? Let’s find out…

  • Do you look for apps to fill specific needs or to simply kill time?
Stop Collecting Distractions

  • Does browsing Netflix win over being productive?
Stop Collecting Distractions

  • Are you more prolific and pinning and bookmarking than you are visualizing, brainstorming, and planning your goals?
Stop Collecting Distractions

But isn’t this harmless fun?

  • Not if they’re regularly distracting you from doing things of real value 

What’s getting more of your valuable time each week?

  • Collecting or doing?
  • Stop and do a personal audit of your week’s activities

Replace the poison with something amazing

  • When you dramatically cut the flow of distractions into your life, your desire and ability to create amazing things will naturally grow in its place


  • Take a Post-It Note, and write on it: Did I spend more time yesterday creating or collecting? and place it somewhere you can easily access it before you start your workday.
  • For the next week – at the beginning of each day – evaluate what you did more of the day before by asking yourself that question. This will raise your awareness of what you’re doing, and help you manage the habit of collecting distractions.

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