Think Before You Click

Think Before You Click


Clicking links: One of the biggest ‘rabbit holes’

  • Let’s do the math: 20 links a day x 5 minutes a link = 100 minutes a day x 365 days a year = 36,500 minutes a year, or 76 8-hour days

Each click is an investment

  • Think Before You Click

    You ‘pay’ something in the form of your time and attention. What’s the value of what you are getting in return?

    • Pain/misery
    • Drama
    • Despair
    • Nonsense

What effect does this have on you?

  • Often stirs up negative emotions and/or negative conversations, which drain your ability to think, feel, and create positive things of value.
  • Is it worth it to you?!?

Think before you click

  • Instead of losing and wasting a lot of your valuable time due to clicking links impulsively, have a simple strategy (see below) to weed out the nonsense and negativity

But don’t you need to be informed?

Being informed and being inundated are two different things!

Less clicks = more awesomeness

  • With a strategy to minimize the time you click on low-value links, imagine the amount of time that becomes available to you
  • What if you were able to recapture 1/2 of what we started with, or 38 days, for taking high-value action – you could do something amazing with an extra chunk of time that size!


  • Think Before You Click

    For the next 3-7 days (at least), when you get the urge to click a link, stop and ask yourself

    • Does it directly impact my life?
    • Is it positive?
    • Does it add value to my life?
    • Am I clicking just to avoid doing something else?

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