Value of Small Wins


How to prime your mind and body for taking the right/best action

  • By the size of the results, you get over a short period of time?
  • Do you assume that only BIG results (when you lose weight, learn a new skill, start a business) = success?

The problem with using size as a success gauge

  • People who gauge success based mainly on the size/quantity of their results tend to give up and move on to something else when those results don’t come quickly:Value of Small Wins
    • I only lost 2 pounds this week, not 10 – I quit!
    • I only learned 1 chord on the guitar this week, not a complete song – I quit!
  • If you simply give up and do nothing because you don’t see massive progress, you’ll never see ANY improvement!

If this is you, then it’s time to shift your focus

  • Instead of only focusing on, and giving value to BIG results, focus and give value to the progress you make toward your goals (your ‘small wins’)
    • If you can only exercise 5 minutes instead of 30 – do it and see those 5 minutes as a win!
    • If you only read 1 page out of the book instead of an entire chapter – do it and be happy for that 1-page win!
    • The bottom line… If you can only improve something by 1% each week, accept it as a victory and value it highly!

There are real benefits to small winsValue of Small Wins

  • Practical – A small win is forward motion. It may not be mind-blowing progress, but if you KEEP experiencing more small wins, they WILL lead you to success!
  • Psychological – People who pay attention to and value small wins generate ‘success momentum’… the more they see themselves succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed – eventually achieving massive success


  • Start paying more attention to the progress you make on tasks each day – see them as How to prime your mind and body for taking the right/best action
  • If you like to journal, spend a few minutes at the end of your day capturing the small wins you’ve experienced

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