5 Things Parents Must Do Today To Raise A Thriving Kid


Wow! You are here! I’m excited.

My name is Christina Foster, I am a mother of 3 awesome boys and homeschooling teacher for 17 years.

As a parent as well as a teacher I have worked with hundreds of different kids and parents, and so my experience provides this unique perspective on what matters the most when it comes to growing a thriving kid.

You see, you have an image of the world. You have experienced a lot, and you have seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

So you have a projection of how you want your kid to live his life. You have expectations.

The truth is that none of that matters today.

Your kids won’t be living your life. They will have their own, and it’s going to be unique to them.

But as a parent, there are certain things that you can do today to influence your kids’ future for the rest of his life.

5 Things Parents Must Do Today To Raise A Thriving Kid

And this report is about those things.

My goal here is to give you a specific, almost like a checklist, type of guidance, so you can develop certain qualities in your kid that will then translate in pretty much everything he does in life: relationships, health, money, and others.

You will get five specific actions that you can start to implement today, and that will help you to plan a seed for a thriving future of your kid.

Even more…

At the end of the report, I will reveal why teaching your kid how to read from an early age is the most crucial step you can take to activate all 5 action steps you’ll learn about in this report.

As a mother and as a teacher I can tell you: the future of your kid is in your hands and within the next few pages you’ll discover how to make sure it’s something you can be proud of.

Alright, that’s it for my introduction… make sure you watch this video right away, and let’s begin with the action steps.

With love and care,

Christina Foster


Independence and responsibility give power.

Kids who can take care of themselves are likely to experience more happiness and success in life in general. They can’t be manipulated, and they can’t be rushed to make a decision that’s not in their best interest.

So here I’ll give you three key things you can do today so that regardless of the age of your kid(s), you can strategically help them to become more independent:

  • Give unconditional love and guidance.
5 Things Parents Must Do Today To Raise A Thriving Kid

Independence is not something that just happens. You need to plan the seed to develop it. So by creating an atmosphere of security and support, you help your children to feel safe about taking sensible risks and exploring their options.

Be consistent about household rules and encourage your kids to achieve in areas that are meaningful for them.

  • Praise the effort, not the result.

Many studies show that it’s more constructive to offer praise for effort than for outcomes or inherent qualities like being smart.

Your kids are likely to work harder and experience less anxiety and that will ingrain the sense of independence and confidence.

  • Work as a team.

Invite input from your kids and respect their views. Learn to give and take when planning family meals or making sure homework gets completed.

Be a good role model for the relationship between freedom and responsibility.

Fostering independence is a precious and lasting gift you can give your child. Offering this to them will help them develop self-esteem and achieve their goals. Our sense of freedom often depends more on our minds than on our environment.

Give your child an early start in building the confidence and self-discipline necessary to live independently.


There has never been a time more difficult than today to raise children with integrity. People get famous for the sake of it, and the child is observing all of that from a very young age.

However, as a parent you have a tremendous amount of influence, so here are a few things you should do and not do NOW to make sure your kid grows with integrity.

  • Avoid asking your children to lie for you.
5 Things Parents Must Do Today To Raise A Thriving Kid

These lies might seem innocent. You might ask your child to tell a salesperson on the phone that you’re not home. Or to tell their friend that they left the other child’s birthday present at home when you actually forgot to purchase it.

When you ask your child to lie, you’re demonstrating that lying is okay under certain circumstances.

It’s not easy for a kid to determine when lying is acceptable and when it is not, therefore, don’t do it at all.

Eventually, you’ll find yourself on the other side of those same lies and at that moment it won’t be fun anymore.

  • Avoid allowing your children to witness you lying.

When your children see you being dishonest, they’ll either conclude that lying is acceptable or that you’re not an honorable person.

No one is honest 100% of the time, but that doesn’t mean your children need to see you lie during their childhood. Consider the impact of lying in front of your children before you do it.

  • Explain the disadvantages of dishonesty.

Lying can seem like an easy way out. So, it’s important to explain why dishonesty can create problems. Here are a few reasons to get you started:

  • People will doubt your honesty in the future if you get caught.
  • You can hurt the feelings of others.
  • Lying to the wrong people can hurt you.
  • Set a good example.

Your kids might not be hanging on your every word, but they are certainly keeping an eye on you. They notice when you do something that you told them not to do themselves.

The easiest way to teach integrity is to model it. You already know what’s right and wrong. All you have to do is live it. Your children will see it and adopt similar behaviors.

Teaching your child integrity is an important parental responsibility. It’s not a short-term activity. Teaching integrity is something that you do each day through your words and actions.

Setting a good example for your children is half the battle. Give your children this gift and make integrity a priority in your family.


5 Things Parents Must Do Today To Raise A Thriving Kid

With social media impacting every single step in our lives, it’s important to develop communication skills from an early age.

I’m talking about a simple talk. Learning how to resolve issues through discussion is the art that will help you to raise a happy and thriving kid.

And the best place to start is communication between you and your kid.

Here are a few points you can follow to really develop it:

1. Listen first. If you listen to your kids without talking or interrupting, it shows them that you care what they think, and they’ll share more with you.

2. Ask questions. Questions can show your children that you’re paying attention to them and that you care.

Ask appropriate questions that are relevant to the conversation.  Ask open questions, appropriate for your child’s developmental level, to spark more conversation.

Try not to stump your kids or make them feel hurt. Avoid questions that make them feel defensive.

5 Things Parents Must Do Today To Raise A Thriving Kid

3. Use easy conversations to strengthen your bond. In some conversations, you don’t have to offer advice. Your children may simply want to talk and discuss their day.

Your kids may also want to solve some issues on their own without your interference. It’s important to use communication to build your relationship with your child, and sharing-only conversations support this endeavor.

4. Use positive language. The language you use during a conversation with your children can affect them. They can tell if you’re being sarcastic and mean. They can tell if you’re being negative or bored. They can also tell when you’re being kind and loving.

5. Avoid anger. Your child may share information that makes you angry. But anger can stop a conversation or lead to a fight in an instant. Anger can also make your children afraid to talk to you.

If you want to strengthen your communication, it’s crucial to learn to control your anger.

Your anger shows your children that you’re emotional. It makes sharing difficult information or issues much harder for them, and they may even avoid you.

Make communication with your kids the priority and most importantly make it easy for them to talk to you.

Really think about it – am I doing this now or not? Be real and honest to yourself.


Every mistake that your child makes gives an extraordinary opportunity for them to grow.

There are certain mistakes you want to protect your kids from, and as a parent, you can judge those situations the best, but allowing kids to make mistakes is what will help them to become more complete and more ready for the real life. 

Here are a few points that will help you to overcome the urge to stop your kids from making mistakes and grow:

5 Things Parents Must Do Today To Raise A Thriving Kid

1. Learning from trial and error is still learning. If you observe your child trying a task over and over again without frustration, he’s probably learning something on each try.

Think about your own experiences of trying to tie shoes or learning to ride a bike without training wheels. The more you did it, the better you got at it.

2. Your child’s self-esteem depends on your reactions. How you react when your child makes a misstep shows him what you think and believe about him.

When it comes to a child’s self-esteem, allowing him to err at something while at the same time, accepting him the way he is, sends powerful messages of unconditional acceptance and love to your child.

3. Provide encouragement when your child struggles to perform. Since most tasks have various parts to them, look for the portion of the task that your child did well.

Tell him he did a good job on that aspect. Acknowledge the task is difficult and that he’ll eventually catch on and do the whole task well.

4. Children are works in progress. Because children are developing, learning, and growing every day, each new day provides them with opportunities for success.

5 Things Parents Must Do Today To Raise A Thriving Kid

Kids grow and mature at their own speeds. One child may be able to make his own bed when he’s 5 years old, while another will struggle with this at age 7.

Depending on the task, a kid might be unable to do a job one day but can do it successfully the next.

For this reason, a parent’s patience is required when a child is attempting to complete an assigned job.

5. Avoid generating or expressing strong emotions related to your child’s blunder. It’s wise to remain neutral and objective when speaking to a child about his performance of a task.

If you find yourself feeling frustrated or angry about your child’s mistakes, it’s best to give yourself a “time out.”

Later on, it will be helpful to examine within yourself why you’re experiencing such strong, negative feelings about your child’s actions.

Making it okay for your child to err will go a long way toward solidifying his sense of self and building his self-esteem.

If you consider and apply these ideas when parenting, you and your child will be more comfortable when they experience errors. Because of your approach, they’ll embrace life with optimism, perseverance, and feelings of confidence.


There is so much you can teach your kid(s), right? But if you would need to choose, focus on a few skills that I’m giving you here.


These skills will give them a competitive advantage to overcome challenges that the hard competition society as it is now, will inevitably through at them.

Consider teaching these 5 skills:

Curiosity. The first step to learning something is asking a question. Kids are excellent at it. It’s a parent’s job to encourage and foster that natural tendency.

5 Things Parents Must Do Today To Raise A Thriving Kid

Be an example. When you and your child encounter something interesting, ask aloud, “I wonder how that works.” And then figure out the answer together.

Many parents just want their children to be quiet. Encourage children to ask questions and reward them when they do.

2. Resourcefulness. Children that learn to work through challenges will have an easier time as adults. If your child’s zipper is stuck, let him work on it for a while.

Avoid rushing to your child’s rescue every time something fails to go perfectly. When you do so, you’re just implying to him that he’s helpless without the assistance of others.

3. Discovering their passion. Wouldn’t you like to get up each day and pursue your passion? You’d certainly want the same for your children.

5 Things Parents Must Do Today To Raise A Thriving Kid

Help your children explore the things that really motivate and excite them. Encourage every interest, and then assist them with figuring out how they can be successful at it.

It’s great for them to discover their passion early, and they’ll love you for supporting them through the process.

4. Boldness. The universe seems to be uncommonly kind to those who are bold. Children can be encouraged to try new things and to stand up for themselves. Self-confidence is a wonderful thing to have.

Children that are a little bold also learn to become more independent and not rely on others for every, single, little thing.

Children who learn to be bold have an easier time managing themselves as adults.

5. Compassion. Life is easier and more enjoyable when we learn to feel compassion for others. Demonstrate compassion in your life, and your child will learn it as well.

Simply be kind and help others.


…and you’ll get a THRIVING KID.

Kids are amazing, and they can learn nearly anything. Part of a parent’s role is to prepare their children for the future.

Spend a little time each day asking yourself what you think your child needs to learn to become a successful adult.

Then come up with a fun way to teach them. Try not to be concerned if you think your children aren’t listening.

Just know that they’re always watching. Remember that they look up to you as an example of how to behave.

Finally… let me give you the shortcut…

Curiosity, resourcefulness, communication, independence, and many more skills are developed over time. Day by day there should be incremental progress, and over time you’ll win big.

But when it comes to kids, there is a SHORTCUT.

It will help you to get progress on all of those things 10x faster and easier.

5 Things Parents Must Do Today To Raise A Thriving Kid

The shortcut is teaching your kid how to read.

As soon as they can read, it becomes easy to teach them curiosity, resourcefulness, communication, and more, because it’s connected with the ability to find answers – to discovery.

I have researched a lot on this topic and what I have found is this website online which makes it easy to teach reading to your kids.

Just click the link below and try it yourself – it’s risk-free. Your kids will thank you for it!


Remember, when it comes to your kids, your actions will mean more than a thousand words.

When you are genuinely interested in helping your kid to become the best version of what he can be, there is no way but to succeed.

With love and care,

Christina Foster

P.S. Don’t forget to get access to the SHORTCUT – your kids’ future is in your hands now!

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