Spend 2 Minutes Doing a Power Pose

Power poses are a popular new way to gain confidence, reduce stress and improve physical health in just two minutes. This easy technique requires no special equipment or time consuming practice and has been proven to be effective.

“Power Pose Confidence is preparation. Everything else is beyond your control.” – Richard Kline

Express it


Speak what’s below out loud, with enthusiasm, certainty, and belief. Improvise what you say as much as you want (actually, this is preferred). Visualize what you say – see it in your head before the words leave your lips. Brackets contain instructions that explain something specific to do.

Spend 2 Minutes Doing a Power Pose

What, Why, and How Power Pose 

  • A power pose is when you intentionally put your body in a physically and emotionally
    confident state. It involves:
    • An expansive stance – like you have when you’re excited and expressing joy
    • Square shoulders
    • Open arms and legs
    • Deep breathing
  • The opposite of a power pose – and something that drains you of confidence and power – often involves:
    • A shrinking stance
    • Hunched shoulders
    • Crossed arms and legs
    • Shallow breathing
  • Just before any activity that requires you to be your confident best, you avoid doing anything that puts your body into a weak pose (even something like checking your phone, which puts you in a shrinking stance with hunched shoulders and closed arms).
  • When you do a power pose, you look like you mean business!
  • You can actually generate confidence at will, simply by doing a power pose. How awesome is that!
  • Doing the power pose for 2 minutes:
    • Increases your testosterone (the power hormone): Which makes you feel more confident and assertive
    • Decreases your cortisol (the stress hormone): Which helps you eliminate anxiety and stress, and makes me feel calmer and in control
  • When you pretend to be powered using a power pose, you actually feel powerful, because your body is convincing your brain that it is powerful!
  • Doing a power pose can even have an impact on your performance – it makes you more passionate, enthusiastic, captivating, authentic, and comfortable, and you think more clearly.
  • Your body changes your mind – your mind changes your behavior – your behavior changes your outcomes (see graphic).
Spend 2 Minutes Doing a Power Pose

  • When you:
    • Start your day
    • Need a boost of confidence and power: Before a meeting, presentation, job interview, or starting an important conversation
    • Have a free moment: Standing in my office, reviewing my goals, or whenever
  • Then you will:
    • Spend 2 minutes doing a power pose (see graphic). As you do it, you will make sure you also feel powerful and confident.
    • TIP: To help you feel more powerful and confident while you do the pose, give yourself a pep-talk (preferably out loud). Describe what you’re excited about and why you’re excited about it, or talk about some of the fantastic benefits of being confident, fearless, passionate,
      authentic, excited, and so on.

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