Introducing The Prime Mindset


You’ve learned how to be awesome

  • No matter what you want to do better:
  • Chances are, you’ve learned some great ideas, tips, and strategies for doing it

The challenge…

  • How do you implement/remember to use what you learn?
  • Let’s face it, just because you’ve learned 3 tips for
    speaking like Tony Robbins doesn’t mean you’ll remember to use them the next opportunity you have to speak
  • Typically, you’ll forget what you learned in 3 days!
  • Let’s unlock all that awesomeness with a strategy to implement all those other strategies

Introducing the PRIME Mindset

  • The PRIME mindset is a way to trigger peak

    performance behaviors/actions, right when you need them

  • You intentionally design the mindset you use to approach various events in your life
  • It accomplishes this through the use of what’s known as an If/Then statement, or When/Then statement:
    • When I write. Then I will: Keep it simple, tap into emotion, provide massive value
    • When I shop for food. Then I will: Eat a snack before I go, only shop with a list, read ingredients closely 
    • When I speak to someone. Then I will: Listen more than talk, look them in the eye, value and validate them 
  • The structure is simple:
    • When part of the statement represents the trigger/event where you want to improve your behavior
    • The Then part of the statement represents the thinking, feelings, and actions you want to remember to have and do when that event happens
  • This is a proven and effective way to improve behaviors

How to use this:
Create your own PRIME Mindset using this 4-Step process
(write the elements of your mindset on an index card):

  1. Choose an event (or trigger) – When I: Write, sit down at my computer give a presentation, buy food, start a conversation, etc
  2. Identify 3 actions – List the 3 top actions you want to
    remember to do when that event occurs in your life
  3. Install the mindset – State mindset out loud several times – place the index card where you can see it regularly
  4. Use it – When trigger/event happens, state the mindset, then take action based on the mindset
  • Focus on creating and installing no more than 3 at a time

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