Create a Personal Power Word

Creating a personal power word is a simple yet powerful way to bring positive change to your life. The idea is to pick one word that encapsulates the change or improvement you want to make and to use that word as a guide for all the decisions, activities, and events in your life throughout the year.

By focusing on one word, you can avoid the complexity and overwhelm that often comes with setting goals and resolutions.

One word can have a profound impact on your life, as it can change your thoughts, perspective, and interactions with others. It can also serve as a reminder to stay focused on what is important to you and to make positive changes in your life.


A new approach to positive change

  • Change and improvement are your goals in life
    • Complexity/overwhelm often stands in the way of success
  • Complex goals, resolutions, and mission statements
  • Here’s a new approach – using one word to trigger change and positive results

What is One Word?

  • It’s literally one word – not a phrase, statement, or affirmation – just one word
  • It’s a word that you will use as a guide to frame all the events, activities, and decisions you make all year

There’s beauty in simplicity

  • Remembering paragraphs/sentences (like goals and resolutions) is difficult, and often leads to little progress
  • Remembering, practicing, and living one word is actionable
  • One word helps you focus your time, energy, and resources with a single purpose – to improve your life using a mindset that matters to you!

How it will impact you

  • One word changes you at your core – your heart – where your desires, beliefs, and values live
  • Your one-word alters:
    • What you talk about
    • How you think/your perspective
    • What you see/notice – your RAS
    • Your motivations for doing things
    • How you interact with others
  • Lots of small, positive changes like this lead to one new YOU!

How to use this:

  • Come up with a word – Spend time (2M- hours max) picking a word that ‘feels’ right, but don’t overthink it
  • Ideas: Fearless, Authentic, focused, Gratitude, Clarity, Balance, Faith, Patience, Generosity, Complete, Move, Organize, Expansive, Health, Enjoy. Mindful, Consistent, Adventure, Sacrifice, Simplify, Courage, committed, Trust, Growth, Curious, Optimism, Freedom, Happy
  • Below the word itself, write a short definition of what that word means to you – how you want it to influence you:
    • Grow – Today, I am more awesome than yesterday
    • Act – Always be shipping!
    • Positive – Always think +’s
  • Post your word where you can see it regularly, (use Post-It Notes) – Keep it at the top of your mind so that it influences everything you do
  • Review your word daily, say it out loud (with feeling and emotion), think about its meaning, how you recently used it, and scenarios where you will use it
  • As you go about your life, be aware of opportunities where you can take action with a mindset based on your one word
  • With each new year choose a new word

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