Look Beyond The Surface – PERSPECTIVE


2 parts of the iceberg

  • There are two main ways of looking at aspects of life:
    • On the surface: The outward, superficial appearance, especially as distinguished from its inner nature
    • Going deep: To go beyond appearances to try to perceive the true nature of something; not to be fooled by superficial glitter or plainness
  • The easiest of these two outlooks to adopt is to see things on the surface – it doesn’t require much time or thought

Are you a surface-dweller?

  • How often do you act on impulse, just because your first thought or feeling is that something is OK or good?
  • How often do you stop, evaluate, and research BEFORE speaking, believing, or making choices?
  • How often do you follow trends (what everyone else buys, eats, watches, believes, tries) because they’re popular?
  • The battle-cry of the surface-dweller is that if it sounds, looks, or feels good, it must be inherently good – period!

The danger of being a surface-dweller

  • What seems good on the surface isn’t always good when you dig deeper
  • The apple of Snow White: On the surface, it looked like a desirable piece of fruit, but inside it was poisonous

Learn to go deep

  • Always look beyond the moment (the surface) – question anything that influences:
  • What you believe – News stories, traditions, what people tell you (even those close to you) when people gossip/complain
  • What you choose – If it says natural, best, #1, etc 
  • Your emotions – Entertainment, desire to do something, people with a motive

How to use this:

  • Have a mindset to question everything – What’s the illusion?’Ask yourself:
    • What am I missing? Have I looked for evidence/facts?
    • What are the consequences?
    • What does personal experience tell me?
    • What are some potential negatives?
  • Examples:
    • ‘It’s fun’ – It may be on the surface, but what are the potential/long-term consequences of doing it?
    • ‘Everyone’s watching it’ – So! How is it affecting them – their thinking, beliefs, emotions?
    • ‘My heart says to believe’ – What evidence (not strong emotion) do you have for doing so?
  • Don’t walk around paranoid about everything but remain alert to the potential need to look beyond the surface

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