Smile a lot – “The expression one wears on one’s face is far more important than the clothes one wears on one’s back.” – Dale Carnegie

Express it


Speak what’s below out loud, with enthusiasm, certainty, and belief. Improvise what you say as much as you want (actually, this is preferred). Visualize what you say – see it in your head before the words leave your lips. Brackets contain instructions that explain something specific to do.

What, Why, and How – Smile a lot

  • A great smile is big, wide, and sincere.
  • The effect of a great smile has more to do with the warmth and sincerity that’s conveyed than it does a perfect mouth and teeth, so even if yours aren’t perfect,
  • you still have a great smile! You will smile a lot more because:
    • It’s healthy – It boosts the strength of your immune system 
    • it builds trust – It helps convey to others that you have their best interests at heart
    • It makes you happy – It directly affects certain brain activities associated with happiness
    • it’s contagious – Smile (you) + frown (others) = smile (everyone) 
    • It affects your results – It helps create an environment where you and others can flourish
    • It conveys emotion – It’s instrumental in making a strong emotional connection with others
    • It’s good business – It makes you more enthusiastic about your products/services and instills positive feelings in a potential buyer
    • It’s attractive – People with a great smile radiate a warmth that draws others to them instantly
  • When you:
    • Meet someone: Friends, family, and strangers 
    • Want to get into a positive state: When you wake up, before you get to work,  when you get home, or when you’re feeling down 
    • Have a free moment: Waiting in line, driving to work, taking a shower – whenever!
  • Then you will:
    • Smile wide, sincerely, and with enthusiasm!


  • Explain what it means to you and how you feel whenever someone (perhaps someone you love) smiles at you.



  • A British study on pleasure inducers found that one smile can generate the same level of brain stimulation as 2,000 bars of chocolate – think of all the calories you’ll save!
  • In a 2010 Wayne State University study on 1950s baseball cards, it was found that the span of players’ smiles could predict the span of their lives (see graphic).
  • Marketers use the power of a smile to influence people to have positive feelings about their products and services, which is an important ingredient for getting them to buy. Start paying attention to how many smiling people you see in ads, commercials, and packaging.

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