Your Ability to Succeed is Like a Chain

Find And Fix Your Weakest Link


Your ability to succeed is like a chain

  • Your Ability to Succeed is Like a Chain

    Your life is made up of a lot of various elements that come together to help define your overall ability to be successful in life – think of these individual elements as links in a chain:

  • Your habits – What you eat regularly, what you buy, when you go to bed, nervous habits (biting your nails)
  • Your processes – How you hire people, plan your day, manage your money, relationships, business
  • Your character traits – Your attitude, outlook about others, ego, level of confidence
  • Your skill level – Things you regularly do but could do better with some training or delegate to someone else
  • Your sources of influences – Your friends, their attitudes, and what they believe/talk about, or what you feed your mind regularly, and its tone/content
  • Your beliefs – Change is hard, failure is bad, etc.
  • Your Ability to Succeed is Like a Chain

    The collection of links (elements) form a chain, the strength of which represents your overall ability to be successful successful

Not all links are equal, and it matters!

  • While all links in your chain are important, they’re not equally strong – there is currently one link in your chain that is weaker than the rest and prevents you from reaching your full potential
    Your Ability to Succeed is Like a Chain

  • It’s also the one link that, if improved/fixed, would have the biggest impact on your overall ability to get significantly better results – more than any other link

The problem with strengthening our strong links

  • Your Ability to Succeed is Like a Chain

    When we’re good and something, we tend to spend a considerable amount of time getting better at it, thinking that doing that will improve our overall results

  • This is like strengthening already strong links in our chain – it has very little impact on improving the overall strength of the chain (your ability to achieve success)
  • When weak links remain weak, the overall ability of the chain doesn’t improve


  • Write down 3-5 things you think it could be your weakest link, then pick one – just one (don’t strive for perfection)
  • For the next 30 days, commit to improving that weak link consistently in small ways – Use Google to discover tips, ideas, strategies, and how to’s that will help
  • Once your weakest link is improved for an extended period of time, find the next weakest link and fix it

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