Why Less is More – 9O% OF EVERYTHING IS CRAP



Peppercorns in a funnel

  • Imagine having a Tunnel and a jar of peppercorns
  • Slowly pour them in the funnel – they flow through it freely
  • Try to pour a lot of peppercorns into the funnel at once, and it clogs up – slowing/stopping the flow of peppercorns

Lifeworks in a similar way

  • The world presents us with a virtually endless number of choices (peppercorns)
  • We decide the number of those choices we allow into our life (the number of peppercorns that flow into our funnel)
  • Each of us can only give our time/attention to a limited number of things (small end of the funnel) in order to reap the benefits of having them
  • When we try to force too much stuff into our lives (things, people, events, etc) a clog forms ‘in our funnel’ and:
    • Our ability to experience/enjoy those things fades
    • Instead of satisfaction, we experience overwhelm and stress – that clog creates some nasty affects
  • To experience more happiness and satisfaction, you have to keep the flow’ of life moving
  • Anything that clogs/slows down this flow has to be eliminated

The power of ‘less is more’

  • It’s a mindset that helps you eliminate anything unnecessary to keep this flow moving at an optimal level
  • It helps you focus on accumulating less, so you can get

MORE out of what you DO have

Why ‘experience’ matters more than amount

  • We tend to value the quality of results we experience more than the quantity of things that can bring us an experience
  • We’re emotionally driven beings, and the higher quality something is, the deeper it impacts us emotionally – it makes us feel really good inside
  • Think about it, what effects you more:
    • Watching an Oscar-winning movie or 30 Youtube videos of kids doing skateboarding tricks?
    • Getting a handwritten card from a close friend or 20 Facebook updates from strangers?
    • Listening to one song you love or listening to an entire album of music you don’t like?
  • In each example, less is more – the quality of the experience is of higher value than the quantity of experiences – focus on quality experiences

How to use this:

  • Simplify – Stop introducing more stuff into your life without solid reasons for doing so
  • Eliminate – Trim down the things in your life to those that you use and benefit from regularly, and get rid of the rest
  • MasterGet REALLY good at a few things, instead of just ‘kind of good’ at many
  • Focus – Become aware of things that give you the greatest result for the least amount of effort

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