Why Less is More – 9O% OF EVERYTHING IS CRAP

The idea of “less is more” has been around for centuries and is a concept that speaks to many aspects of life. Everyone wants to experience success and happiness, but often overextending ourselves or trying to do too much can lead to feelings of stress and overwhelm.

This article will discuss why the idea of ‘less is more can be beneficial when it comes to achieving goals, living a life of balance, and creating a sense of peace.



Peppercorns in a funnel

  • Imagine having a Tunnel and a jar of peppercorns
  • Slowly pour them into the funnel – they flow through it freely
  • Try to pour a lot of peppercorns into the funnel at once, and it clogs up – slowing/stopping the flow of peppercorns

Lifeworks in a similar way

  • The world presents us with a virtually endless number of choices (peppercorns)
  • We decide the number of those choices we allow into our life (the number of peppercorns that flow into our funnel)
  • Each of us can only give our time/attention to a limited number of things (small end of the funnel) in order to reap the benefits of having them
  • When we try to force too much stuff into our lives (things, people, events, etc) a clog forms ‘in our funnel’ and:
    • Our ability to experience/enjoy those things fades
    • Instead of satisfaction, we experience overwhelm and stress – that clog creates some nasty effects
  • To experience more happiness and satisfaction, you have to keep the flow of life moving
  • Anything that clogs/slows down this flow has to be eliminated

The power of ‘less is more

  • It’s a mindset that helps you eliminate anything unnecessary to keep this flow moving at an optimal level
  • It helps you focus on accumulating less, so you can get

MORE out of what you DO have

Why ‘experience’ matters more than the amount

  • We tend to value the quality of results we experience more than the number of things that can bring us an experience
  • We’re emotionally driven beings, and the higher quality something is, the deeper it impacts us emotionally – it makes us feel really good inside
  • Think about it, what affects you more:
    • Watching an Oscar-winning movie or 30 Youtube videos of kids doing skateboarding tricks?
    • Getting a handwritten card from a close friend or 20 Facebook updates from strangers?
    • Listening to one song you love or listening to an entire album of music you don’t like?
  • In each example, less is more – the quality of the experience is of higher value than the number of experiences – focus on quality experiences

How to use this:

  • Simplify – Stop introducing more stuff into your life without solid reasons for doing so
  • Eliminate – Trim down the things in your life to those that you use and benefit from regularly, and get rid of the rest
  • MasterGet REALLY good at a few things, instead of just ‘kind of good’ at many
  • Focus – Become aware of things that give you the greatest result for the least amount of effort

In conclusion, it is clear that less can be more when it comes to many aspects of life. From physical belongings and material possessions to commitments and daily tasks, having less can help us focus on what really matters.

It also allows us to save money, reduce stress, and live an overall simpler and happier life. Taking time for self-reflection and understanding the value of minimalism can help us realize the immense benefits of focusing on quality over quantity.

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