Use Action Words – Werbs Are Powerful Motivators

Use Action Words - Werbs Are Powerful Motivators

Learning Guide

Use Action Words – Werbs Are Powerful Motivators – Intended Push For This Map

For you to understand the real power of using action words (verbs) to ‘command’ your brain to get things done.

Understand The Elements Of This Map

The Words

These are a sample of the kinds of action words that can be used in various life scenarios (see below)!


These are a few scenarios where using action words would be useful.


Here’s a comparison between stating things that need to be done, with and without the use of action words. Without action words, each statement is unclear (what exactly does ‘Book project’ mean?!?) and weak (there’s no command to do anything with it). With action words, what needs to be done with each item becomes clear and specific, and your brain is given a command to take action on it).

The ‘Verb:’ Banner

Identifies what an action word really is: A verb!

Next Actions For This Map

The next Actions are practical suggestions for immediately putting this map to use.

  • Say out loud, the action words shown – do it quickly and observe how it makes a difference in your level of motivation
  • Identify some additional scenarios were using action words would be useful
  • Practice using action words to create a written to-do list, or to delegate a task to someone

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