15 Steps To Achieve Anything

15 Steps To Achieve Anything “Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.” – Arnold H. Glasow

15 Steps To Achieve Anything – Express It

Speak It

Speak what’s below out loud, with enthusiasm, certainty, and belief. Improvise what you say as much as you want (actually, this is preferred). Visualize what you say – see it in your head before the words leave your lips. Brackets contain instructions that explain something specific to do.

15 Steps To Achieve AnythingWhat, Why, and How

You realize that successfully achieving anything of significance is rarely the result of chance, but it requires that you follow a set of proven strategies, which include the following:

1. Clarifying your goal:

[Describe what you want to achieve as clearly as you possibly can. Describe it in crystal clear detail – what does it look like, feel like, sound like, etc.].

2. Discovering a BIG WHY:

[Describe some specific, positive, and emotionally compelling reasons why you want to achieve your goal – talk about benefits that get your heart pumping and get you really excited]

3. Defining the pain:

[Talk about the regrets and/or consequences of NOT achieving your goal – think 1, 3, and 5 years into the future].

4. Capturing your vision:

[Describe some pictures (people, places, and things), words, and quotes that you can add to a vision board to help you live the emotional experience of achieving your goal].

5. Learning what you need to do:

[Describe how you can use Google to find articles, how-to’s, guides, tips, videos, books, and courses that teach you how to accomplish your goal].

6. Finding a mentor:

[Say the name of the person who can help you achieve your goal and why you believe they can help. Then mention what you will specifically do to get them to work with you].

7. Developing a plan:

[Describe when you will set aside 15-30 minutes to develop a simple step-by-step plan for achieving your goal, as well as several specific details that your plan will include, such as 1-3 action steps, and dates you want to complete those steps].

8. Choosing some rewards:

[Identify and state several small rewards – books, movies, clothes, tools, days off, etc. – to give yourself after completing various stages of your goal].

9. Identifying your resources:

[Describe the resources/assets you currently have available to you for helping you reach your goal, including tools, skills, experience, contacts, websites, etc.].

10. Eliminating roadblocks:

[Describe 1-3 potential roadblocks you could encounter in the pursuit of your goal along with a simple and practical solution for dealing with each roadblock].

11. Removing distractions:

[Describe 1-3 potential distractions that could stand in the way of you achieving your goal – such as too much TV, games, and over-socializing (in person, on the phone, or online) – as well as how you will effectively deal with each one].

12. Connecting with it:

[Identify a point in your day when you will regularly turn off all noise (TV, computer, phones, etc.) so you can sit quietly for 5-10 minutes to visualize and meditate on my goal].

13. Becoming accountable:

[Explain what you will specifically do to share your goal with others publicly (in person or online), as well as giving updates about the ongoing progress you’ll be making toward achieving it].

14. Taking specific action:

[Identify and state what specific action you will take today to achieve your goal].

15. Reviewing your progress:

[Identify a specific day and time each week when you will take 5-10 minutes to both review the progress you are making toward your goal and to make any necessary changes in your plan to achieve it].

15 Steps To Achieve Anything

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