The Power Of Outcomes

The Power Of Outcomes – Learning Guide

Power Of Outcomes – Intended Lesson For This Mappower-of-outcomes

To understand that there is virtually unstoppable power created when you concentrate your time, energy, and resources to achieve clear and emotionally compelling outcomes.

Everyone has the ability to access this power, but few taps into it because they have never defined significant outcomes that are important to them.

Key Ideas On This Map


Just the fact that a clearly defined outcome exists causes you to be ‘pulled’ toward it, like a magnetic force.


Barriers and obstacles often stand between you and what you want. Clearly defined outcomes allow you to concentrate all your personal power to break through that resistance – something otherwise difficult. If not impossible when your personal power is spent without direction or purpose.


To achieve most outcomes, you often need access to resources that may not be obvious to you – things that exist in your life and surroundings that your brain may normally ‘filter out’ of your everyday experience.

Outcomes are like programming instructions that tell your brain what to begin noticing and paying attention to that could help you achieve those outcomes.

These can often be resources that have always been there, but you never saw them, because your brain filtered them out.


Life is a collection of decisions. All those decisions, added together, lead to the results you get. Clear outcomes allow you to ensure that most of the decisions you make are in alignment with those outcomes and achieving them. As opposed to sidetracking you from them in some way, which easily happens when you make decisions without any clear long-term direction.


Once you set clear outcomes, you begin to see how to bring to bear all the elements of your life in order to achieve your outcomes – resources that were previously untapped or used unwisely. Clear outcomes are like a connecting force that gives focus and direction to everything that has at your disposal.


Having a sense of purpose (a reason for getting up in the morning) is an essential part of a happy life. Clear outcomes give you reasons.

OUTCOMES – Missions, Goals, Day

Outcomes exist in many forms: Your mission in life, goals you want to achieve, and what you want to accomplish each day are some examples.

Next Actions For This Map

Next Actions are practical suggestions for immediately putting this map to use.

  • Examine your own life to determine whether you are making full use of the power of outcomes!     
  • Consider how the mindset of defining and having clear outcomes in your life could create the changes and experience that you want

OUTCOME | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary…

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