Batch Similar Tasks Together

Batching similar tasks together is an effective way to save time and increase efficiency. When similar tasks are grouped together, they can be completed more quickly and with less effort.

This is because the mind is better able to focus on a single task when it is not interrupted by other tasks. By batching similar tasks together, we can make better use of our time and resources.

Batch Similar Tasks Together


Our lives are full of varied tasks

  • In a single week, we might: write a little, plan a little, call a few people, manage a few projects, record some videos, and so on…

Task switching destroys efficiency

  • Each time you switch tasks in a single day you lose valuable mental focus (you have to enter a new mindset) and physical momentum (having to change your tools and environment) – this destroys efficiency!

Try batching tasks

  • Instead of working on tasks from different areas of your life or business, spend large chunks of each day – perhaps an entire day – working on similar tasks

Here are some task-batching examples

  • Calling – Call customers, clients, friends, and your mother in a single block of time
  • Email – Read and respond to most emails (other than the most urgent) within a single block of time
  • Writing – Write several articles and/or blog posts in one sitting
  • Content creation – Spend an entire day doing nothing but writing/producing several sections of content for a product you’re creating
  • Recording – If you record and post video content, create as many videos in a single day as possible
  • Managing life – Run errands, buy groceries, and handle other household tasks within a single block of time

Why task-batching works

  • Even though you may be doing slightly different tasks, the mindset and tools for doing them are similar, which allows you to efficiently flow from one task to the next


  • Analyze your life/business, then figure out how to work on similar tasks within a designated chunk of time during your week
  • Create theme days to help you organize batching tasks – designate specific days or parts of those days for specific kinds of tasks. For example:
    • Tuesday’s all-day theme could be writing
    • Wednesday afternoon’s theme could be the email
    • Thursday and Friday’s all-day themes could be content creation

In conclusion, batching similar tasks together is an effective way to increase productivity and reduce stress. Not only can it help you prioritize more efficiently, but it can also help save time and energy by avoiding tedious context switching.

Additionally, batching can be a great tool for creating momentum and developing new habits. Developing a system that works for you is key to success when employing this technique. Finally, don’t forget to reward yourself after completing each batch of tasks! You deserve it!

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