Use Beast Mode For Massive Results

Are you looking for a way to get THINGS DONE quickly and efficiently? Try Beast Mode. This term, coined by NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, refers to working at the highest intensity level possible while ignoring any distractions. By engaging in Beast Mode and focusing solely on the task at hand, you can maximize your efforts and achieve massive results.

Use Beast Mode For Massive Results

Using Beast Mode is all about staying focused on the task ahead of you and eliminating any potential distractions that might impede your progress. Whether it be turning off notifications or putting away electronic devices, creating an environment conducive to productivity will help ensure that tasks are completed with maximum efficiency.

Additionally, setting short-term goals with specific deadlines will help motivate you to stay in beast mode until completion. Once these goals are achieved, take time to celebrate small wins which will provide further motivation for future projects.


Good is usually good enough

  • If you manage your time and your life properly, then good, consistent results are going to generally make you happy

Sometimes, your inner beast needs to let out of its cage

  • Occasionally you need to unleash the productivity beast within you to create massive results:
    • Vacation is coming up, and you need to get more done than you usually do
    • A deadline has been moved up on a project o You simply want to challenge yourself to see what you can do (one of my favorites)
Use Beast Mode For Massive Results

Flip your switch to BEAST mode

  • Gather everything you need – Pens, documents, ideas, notes, whatever
  • Set a timer – for the duration of time you want to spend in BEAST mode
  • Cue up some energetic music – Something that will get you pumped up and excited, but not distracted
  • Turn off everything – Turn off your TV, phone, notifications – anything that has the potential to disrupt your flow and momentum
  • Prepare your body – Get up and move/stretch a bit, and take several deep breaths
  • Sketch out a simple plan – Create an outline of the steps you’re going to take to complete what you need to do
  • Express what you know – Get in the right mindset by expressing, out loud, 3 specific ways you can get the absolute best results for what you’re about to do
  • Take action like a beast – (Self-explanatory)


  • Experience BEAST mode at least 1 time this week, even if it’s only for an hour – discover the potential you have within you to get massive results!

In conclusion, using Beast Mode to achieve massive results is an achievable and worthwhile endeavor. It requires dedication, commitment, and consistent effort but the rewards are immeasurable.

Not only will you reach your goals more quickly, but you will also develop valuable skills like discipline, focus, and resilience that can be transferred to other areas of life. Ultimately, the benefits of embracing Beast Mode far outweigh any discomfort or fear of the unknown.

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