How to Create an Efficient Errands List

Creating an efficient errand list is essential for saving time and energy. The first step should be to take stock of all the errands that must be completed in a given period of time. Think about what needs to be done and make sure your list includes everything – even the small tasks.

Once you have determined the order in which these tasks need to be accomplished, start writing them down in a manageable way. For instance, group similar activities together so that you can complete multiple errands at once when possible.

You might also consider organizing tasks according to location or urgency level, as this will help you further optimize your route and save time. Finally, make sure your list is accessible wherever you go so that you don’t miss anything important or waste precious minutes looking for it when needed.


There are challenges to paper-based errands lists

  • They’re stationary – Ever forgotten yours on the fridge?
  • They’re cumbersome – Ever had one grow so long that you needed to start another list – so you now had two lists to manage?
  • They’re restrictive – Ever try to manage a list used by multiple people – your spouse, kids, or roommate?

It’s time for an upgrade

  • There is a better way!

The 3 essential ingredients of an effective errands list

  • Mobility – You need to be able to access it no matter where you are – in your car, at a meeting, etc.
  • Flexibility – It can’t be restricted to the physical limitations of a single piece of paper
  • Accessibility – If you’re part of a family or group, it needs to be accessible to everyone to add, delete, or edit items

How to create an efficient errands list

  • Create an online document – Using a service such as Google Drive, Evernote, Office 365, etc.) create a text document and name it Errands List
  • Capture your errands as bulleted items – Optionally, organize the bulleted items in sections based on location (East/West) or store (bank, groceries, etc.)
  • Share it – Share the document with others who will use it and briefly explain to them what it is and how you want them to begin using it
  • Bookmark it or create a shortcut to it – To easily access it later


  • Follow the steps above to create an errands list that is mobile, flexible, and sharable


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