How It Works Procrastination – How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done

Are you fed up with procrastination, struggling with finding direction in life, and looking for a guide to help you take control? If so, this article is for you! How It Works Procrastination will provide a comprehensive guide on how to effectively tackle procrastination and get things done. We’ll explore why procrastination happens and break down steps to help you find direction in life and get back on track.

How It Works Procrastination


The birth of procrastination

  • Emails go unanswered – you’ll do them later
  • Paperwork piles up around you – you’ll take care of it later
  • Important projects are completed at the last minute

Why do you do it

  • There are several specific reasons for procrastination, but often times it comes down to one overriding factor:
    • You don’t like the feeling of discomfort that comes from doing the task now – you’re tired, there are other things to do, you can’t do it perfectly right now, etc.
  • You fool yourself into believing that you’ll feel better (more comfortable) about doing the task later, so you put it offhow-it-works-procrastination

Putting things off creates ‘mountains’

  • When you put things off, you essentially build a ‘mountain’ in your life that you WILL eventually have to climb and overcome
  • The more – and longer – you put things off, the bigger the mountains get
  • As the mountain gets bigger, your level of discomfort about doing grows, and the mountain continues to grow – and the vicious cycle of procrastination feeds itselfhow-it-works-procrastination-1

Eventually, you have to climb the mountain

  • At some point in the future, you WILL be forced to climb the mountain you’ve created (take care of everything you’ve been putting off) – it will be hard, exhausting, and even painful
  • After climbing the mountain, a skilled procrastinator will see that everything in front of them is downhill – this is when the building of the next mountain begins
  • The cycle continues…how-it-works-procrastination-2

A better way – walking over small hills

  • There is a whole lot less discomfort in walking over small hills – just doing tasks as they need to be done
  • You will speed through life at a much faster pace and accomplish so much more!how-it-works-procrastination-3


  1. Identify an area in your life where you’re building mountains (your bills, emails, tasks around the house, etc.)
  2. Commit to eliminating that mountain, then set aside a specific time to regularly manage that part of your life more consistently
  3. Move on to eliminating a mountain in another area of your life

In conclusion, procrastination can be a major roadblock to achieving your goals and dreams. But, by understanding the causes of procrastination and applying strategies such as breaking down tasks into small manageable chunks, setting realistic goals, and rewarding yourself for progress, you can effectively replace procrastination with productive action.

It may take patience and practice to overcome the tendency to procrastinate. However, with hard work and dedication, you can beat procrastination and reach your goals.

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