HEALTHY LIVING – Connect With Nature

Nature is a powerful and rejuvenating force that can have a profound impact on our physical and mental well-being. By connecting with nature, we can escape the distractions and stressors of modern life and tap into a sense of peace and tranquility.


Some simple ways to connect with nature include soaking up the sunshine, breathing in the fresh air, feeling a breeze on your face, smelling the trees and flowers, observing the environment, and walking around.

Some of my favorite things about nature include the beauty and diversity of animals, the lush greenery of plants, the majesty of the stars, and the refreshing smells of the outdoors. I love the way that animals move and interact with their surroundings and the unique personalities that they possess.

I find the colors and textures of plants to be endlessly fascinating, and the way they change with the seasons is always awe-inspiring. The stars are a reminder of the vastness of the universe and the smallness of our place in it. And the smells of nature, from the pine forest to the ocean waves, have a way of deeply affecting me and bringing me a sense of peace.

To enjoy and experience nature more, I like to spend time outside in nature, whether that be by taking a walk in a local park, going for a hike in the mountains, or sitting by a river or lake. I also enjoy visiting zoos, aquariums, and botanical gardens, which give me the opportunity to see and learn about a wide variety of animals and plants.


“Nature is My Medicine.” – Sara Moss-Wolfe

Express If


Speak what’s below out loud, with enthusiasm, certainty, and belief. Improvise what you say as much as you want (actually, this is preferred). Visualize what you say – see it in your head before the words leave your lips. Brackets contain instructions that explain something specific to do.

What, Why, and How

  • You connect with nature by:
    • Soaking up the sunshine – instead of artificial light
    • Breathing in the fresh air – instead of recycled air
    • Feeling a breeze on your face – instead of air conditioning
    • Smelling the trees, flowers, and fresh-cut grass – instead of chemical air fresheners
    • Watching real animals – instead of animal videos
    • Observing the environment – instead of Twitter and Facebook updates
    • Walking around – instead of sitting around
  • Stepping into nature allows you to temporarily ‘turn off’ the noise, lights, cars, TVs, phones, and other distractions that cause stress and drain you of energy – it gives you the peaceful environment you need to properly ‘recharge’ your mind and body.
  • Nature is pure and simple awesomeness – from observing and interacting with animals to the smell of a pine forest to the sound of ocean waves… it all has a way of deeply affecting you as nothing else can!
  • When you:

Then you will:

  • Open your blinds and windows to let the fresh air and sunshine in
  • Observe the landscape, birds, blowing leaves, clouds, or animals from your office window, porch, or balcony
  • Walk around your neighborhood or a local park – enjoy a picnic
  • Drive out in the country with the windows down
  • Sit underneath the stars (with binoculars), or next to a river, lake, or ocean, and just soak in the experience!
  • Visit a state or national park and do some hiking, boating, kayaking, fishing, or general exploring
  • Go to a zoo, aquarium, or botanical garden
  • Go camping, build a fire, enjoy eating a simple meal outside, and explore the natural world around you


Describe out loud what some of your favorite things about nature are (animals, plants, stars, smells, etc.), give some specific reasons why you love them, and what specifically you can do to enjoy and experience them more.

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