5 Ways To Drink More Water

Drinking more water is crucial for maintaining good health, but it can be difficult to make it a habit. Here are five ways to make it easier to drink more water:


Drink More Water
You KNOW you need to, but you don’t – 5 Ways To Drink More Water

  • It’s pointless to convince you that you need to drink plenty of water… plenty of water = better health
  • The roadblocks you face:
    • Addiction (or preference) for other drinks
    • Remembering to do it
  • Here are 5 ways to knock down these roadblocks
  1. Do it first thing in the morning
    • Create a new habit
    • Place a glass of water next to your bed
    • Drink it first thing when you wake up – always
  2. Add some flare/flavor
    • Spark it – Use sparkling water instead of regular water – this is a great way to transition from soda
    • Squeeze it – Squeeze fresh citrus (lemon, lime, orange) into your water to give it more zing!
    • Infuse it – Infuse your water with fresh fruits [Google: infused water ideas]
    • Ice it – Freeze fresh fruit (grapes, cherries, blueberries, etc) [Google: fruit ice cubes]
  3. Make it convenient
    • Keep a bottle or glass of water close to you at all times
  4. Stack it on another habit
    • Identify a small habit you currently practice several times a day:
      • Sit down at your desk
      • Take a break Attach the act of drinking water with that habit:
      • When I take a break, then I will drink water
  5. Eliminate other temptations
    • Remove other drink options from your environment
      • Don’t keep sodas, sugary juices in your house – focus on buying less and less each time you shop
      • Want to keep other drink options in your house? Cool – make it a hassle to get to them
        • Make accessing them inconvenient
        • Definitely keep them out of your immediate environment

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5 Ways To Drink More Water

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