How to Avoid Foods from Grocery Store Danger Zone

HEALTHY EATING – Avoid Foods from Grocery Store

Avoid The Supermarket Danger Zone

Don’t Eat C.R.A.P – Eat Real Food

Let’s lay-out the secret to grocery stores – Avoid Food from Grocery Store

Grocery stores and food companies use psychological tricks to influence your buying choices.

How to Avoid Foods from Grocery Store Danger Zone

Most of the minimally-processed and more natural foods exist around the perimeter (or outside walls) of the store.

  • These include a lot of single-ingredient foods (fish, apple, oats, milk, etc)

Most of the foods you want to avoid, or at least minimize your consumption, exist in the center of the store – the Danger Zone – these tend to be C.R.A.P:

  • C – Carbonated (soda)
  • R – Refined (sugar wheat, etc)
  • A – Artificial (colon flavor sweetener)
  • P – Processed (packaged, boxed, jarred, etc)

Avoid Foods from Grocery Store – It’s more than C.R.A.P

The foods within this area tend to not only be C.R.A.P, but they also tend to be:

  • Those with the highest profit margin
  • The most addictive (including those engineered to be addictive)
  • The best marketed

Grocery stores want you to buy food in this area,

even if it has a negative impact on your health

  • You have to be wise to these tactics – to take control of your own health.

Why knowing shifts your choices

How can knowing this area exists help you eat healthier?

Slight shifts in your awareness and perception can play a big role in the small choices you make over time

Recognizing that grocery stores generally have an area within them that contains foods and products that tempt you away from eating healthy (and can damage your health) will:

  • Trigger you to have greater caution when making choices about buying food within this area.
  • Heighten your desire to scrutinize and question the packaging, ingredients, and quality of products found in this area to a greater degree.

How to use this:

Ask yourself:

  • Where do I buy most of my food?
  • How many foods do I typically buy that exist within the Danger Zone?

Write this down:

  • When I enter a grocery store

Then I will remember there’s a Danger Zone and use caution when making choices about foods within this area.

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