Get It Out Of Your Head


Get It Out Of Your Head

C’mon…why write it down?!?

  • Some people like to minimize the idea of writing ideas, lists, and goals down on paper (or digitally) for 2 main reasons:
    • Speed – They feel it’s quicker to keep it in their head and only control-freaks have to write everything down
    • Recall – Given time, they’re confident that they can recall any item in a moments notice, so why to write it down

What are their results?

  • They easily get stress when they think about their week ahead
  • Their goals are dark, fuzzy, and full of unknowns
  • Feel anxiety about doing simple tasks like grocery shopping

Here’s the truth…

Thought-hopping’ creates resistance

Get It Out Of Your Head

  • When ideas and thoughts aren’t written down and you go to access them, your brain instantly starts hopping around from thought-to-thought, ‘trying to put all the pieces together’
  • This is not clear thinking, and it often causes confusion and resistance to do on many levels

Thought-hopping’ melts your brain (kind of)

  • A mind that gets stuck in a mode of ‘thought-hopping’ often becomes an environment where substantial ideas, strategies, and goals can’t take hold of and thrive

To be a person who gets things done – gets into the habit of writing it down!

Get It Out Of Your Head

  • Get ideas, lists, plans, and goals out of your head and down on paper


Do anyone of the following:

  • Write down 1 list (grocery list) and use it
  • Spend 5-10 minutes doing a simple brain dump of everything you want to accomplish this week then spend the week doing those items and marking them done!
  • Take 5-10 minutes to write all the steps you use to perform a task you do regularly (record a video, write a blog post, pay your bills) and use that plan.

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